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Learn the art of drumming…

With the most effective and friendly teacher in Los Angeles. Blake is now accepting a limited number of motivated students.

Lesson Overview

• An enjoyable, proven, and proprietary method of learning the drums

• Over 15 years teaching experience; over 25 years performing & recording experience

• BA Degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA

• Published author of four major drum method books: Drumset Coordination; Drumset Overlay; Linear Drum Fills; Drumset Supersets

• Convenient lessons: 1) At your home, 2) At Blake’s state-of-the-art drum teaching facility, Unleashed Drum Studio, 3) Via Skype/FaceTime to anywhere in the world

• Blake’s ‘Unleashed Drum Studio’ offers high-end drumset recording to students, free of charge during lessons; This allows students to 1) analyze their playing much like professional athletes do, 2) record and film great sounding clips for Instagram or full drum covers for YouTube, 3) record drum parts for their band’s latest songs

• All styles of music: Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk, Country, Blues, Jazz, Latin/Afro-Cuban, & more

• All Abilities: Beginner to Professional (ages 8 and up)

• Experienced helping celebrity, major label, and working drummers improve quickly

• All Topics Covered: Technique, Stick Control, Foot Control, Rudiments, Chops, Reading & Writing Music, 4-Way Coordination & Independence, Music Theory, Learning Songs, Creating Drum Parts, Working with Other Musicians & Producers, Playing with a Click and Loops, Studio Technique, Linear Drumming, Playing with Confidence & Energy, and more…

• Customized lesson plan for each student

• Major Label and TV Show auditions for students who are ready

• Relationships with top manufacturers (DW, Vic Firth, Remo, etc.) and Guitar Center Pro Division for direct purchase of new gear

• New students receive a free pair of VicFirth sticks

Student/Parent Reviews

“Blake Paulson is a consummate professional who makes learning how to play the drums a tangible and exciting experience. His methods are clear, concise and above all else, fun!” -Teri Hatcher

“If you value strong fundamentals, an easy and fun learning environment, and utmost professionalism, Blake Paulson is the choice instructor in LA. We have looked at many different centers and instructors around Los Angeles and we chose Blake for his superior academic background and actual real-life performing experience with some of the top music artists of today. He is in tune with this generation and works well with kids. Our nine year old son Indigo has a great time every class and has picked up drums in the speed of light. My son learned how to read music in one class and was immediately able to start drumming in real time to the music notation. The lessons combine drumming basics like timing, speed, and syncope with real life applications using the latest songs of today. I am glad he has put his knowledge and skill into books for everyone to enjoy.” -Inky Garcia

“Blake is a talented teacher with a warm and easy going manner.  He inspires both discipline and joy in his students and drum lessons are a much welcomed hour in our home.” -Jon Tenney & Leslie Urdang

“After 2 musical sons, multiple instruments, and more than a dozen music teachers over more than 15 years (including famous recording artists), Blake Paulson is not only the best music teacher we have ever had, he is in a class by himself.  Blake has outstanding technical abilities, playing easily and authentically in a comprehensive variety of styles and time signatures, and with professional experience in a wide variety of situations. He is a remarkable educator, with the ability to convey simply, clearly and systematically each of the tools required for successful drumming, at any level. Most importantly, however, Blake is a joyful person, and this joy sets him apart from any teacher we have ever had. Learning an instrument always requires practice and discipline, but Blake’s attitude makes learning easier, more fun, more rewarding, and always positive. And isn’t that what music is all about?  It’s this simple: if you want to learn drums you would be crazy not learn from Blake.” -Bob & Luann Williams

“We feel so incredibly fortunate to have found Blake as a drum teacher. Our son has been taking lessons from Blake for a year and a half now and his progress is truly amazing! Not only is Blake a fantastic teacher, but he’s incredibly positive, keeps the process fun and is a true professional. Thanks to Blake’s expertise, Tommy has not only learned how to drum, but has learned that he loves it and can’t live without it!” -Laura Goldstein

“Besides being an extremely talented musician and teacher, what sets Blake apart from most teachers is that he seems to genuinely care about my daughter’s progress. He has time and again gone out of his way to make sure that my daughter gets to play the pieces she likes to listen to, has organized her materials in a way that that is easy for her to understand, and has cared to appreciate her skills and progress even as he pushes her to develop them further. What is a special bonus is that my daughter thinks he is really cool and is always happy to go to class.” -Shalini Lal

“Among the most important things I’ve learned from Blake is that it’s not important to learn how to play things just because they are technically difficult or advanced. The key to playing well is to make it feel good, regardless of how complex the part is. Sometimes playing a simple part with the right feeling IS the hard part. If it wasn’t for Blake, I wouldn’t be getting anywhere with my drumming.” -Eddie Avakian

“My daughter Kailey thinks Blake is amazing! He makes learning the drums fun and brings the best out of her. She always looks forward to having her drum lesson and learning another great rock n roll song!” -Geanie Gallinson

“Blake is the best: he’s just an outstanding teacher, and he’s completely consistent and reliable.  My 15 year old has made amazing progress since he started taking lessons with Blake.  Blake inspires my son and challenges him at every lesson, but always with a kind and gentle professionalism I have not seen in other instructors.  My son’s bandmates are much obliged to Blake as well!” -Lori Stein

“Blake is a gifted drummer and teacher and his talent is amazing to watch. At first, I was apprehensive to learn the drums since I had no prior musical abilities and couldn’t read sheet music. Blake changed all that for me in my first lesson and had me reading and playing within one hour! I appreciate his patience and instructions and thank him for his creative style of teaching. I cannot recommend Blake enough as a drummer, teacher and friend.” -Samantha Silk

“It is a pleasure having Blake as my son, Jesse’s drum teacher. Jesse’s passion for music has really blossomed under his tutelage. Jesse’s interest in music is a direct result of his influence. Blake’s knowledge and experience is impressive and his way with Jesse is amazing. Not very many people have been able to reach Jesse and capture his interest but Blake has and I am extremely grateful. Jesse really enjoys his time with him and looks forward to each lesson. Blake has a pleasant demeanor and I am honored to know him.” -Bernadine Guajardo

“Blake Paulson has been a terrific drum teacher for our two boys.  Not only is he an incredible drummer, but he has a wonderful way with them.  Blake makes them love their lessons and they always look forward  to their days with him.  Jackson (12 yrs.) and Luke (7 yrs.)  are inspired and encouraged by Blake’s enthusiasm and heart felt patience.  They are always excited for their lessons.” -Stephanie Hermelee

“I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better drum teacher than I have found in Blake Paulson! As an absolute beginner, I was worried I would feel intimidated starting from scratch. From our very first lesson Blake has been nothing but encouraging, positive, patient, professional, and I see and feel progress with every session. As a working professional drummer, he is able to offer insight into the industry, and application into the technique he teaches. His studio is beautifully kept and I love sitting down at his kit every week. He is extremely organized and efficient, always on time and available if I need to get in touch. Blake’s accomplishments and training as a high level musician make him the ideal teacher, but it’s his passion and infectious positivity that makes his lessons very special. I have found I love to drum and plan to continue training with him for a very long time.” -Suzanne Narbonne

“Going from being unable to play even the most basic of drum beats to being able to jam along to songs and even playing funk rhythms within a few months of lessons shows what a great teacher Blake has been. I’m very excited to continue my lessons as I can see results and am having a lot of fun learning with him. Thanks Blake!” -Ben Berger

“When I started looking for a drum teacher, I decided to look via Thumbtack. Blake replied to my posting right away, and I saw him for our first lesson shortly after. Blake is very encouraging and great at explaining/demonstrating. Overall he’s a great teacher and I’m glad I found him so easily! I’ve been taking lessons with him for almost a year and a half, but now via Skype lessons after I moved again. Would recommend him to anyone.” -Elizabeth Saltzman

“Blake is fantastic!! He makes learning a very positive and fun experience. He is very professional and knowledgeable of all aspects of music and makes it all easy to understand. I highly recommend him for students of all ages.” -Shelli Mccallum

“Blake is a terrific teacher! He is helping my high school son and my middle school son, and both feel inspired, appropriately challenged, and eager to continue. Blake is also professional, dependable, and kind. We have had an outstanding experience with him!” -Kristen Boling

“I’ve been take lessons from Blake for a little more than a year and they have been great. Not only have I seen improvements in myself, but other people have commented on my improvement in the last year. He is very patient, encouraging and professional. I would recommend him to anyone in the LA area.” -Brittni Brown

“I have been working with Blake for just over a year. His studio is awesome with a variety of drum kits (and now serving coffee!!!). Blake is a great teacher, very patient, never judging, and has several different ideas and methods in case I get stuck on one thing. He is your guy!” -Allen Kronenberger

“Best decision I could have made! Blake is a fabulous teacher.I highly recommend him!!” -Aimee Engler

“I was a beginner with some experience on other percussion, Blake was not only very proffessional and super friendly, but also knew exactly how to adapt to my rythm of learning, he has a lot of great knowledge, resources and tips that made my learning experience super worth it! I feel I learned a lot from Blake’s lessons and if I didn’t have to go back to Colorado I would definitely continue with him personally! But hey, he also does skype lessons so I’m now considering that! Highly recommend this teacher.” -Nicolas Del Papa

“We’re so glad that we found Blake to tutor our 11-year old son! Blake is patient, great with kids, easy to work with, and keeps the lessons fun while covering a lot. My son has learned so much and always enjoys going to lessons.” -Melissa Hay

“Blake is an extraordinary teacher who has the rare gift of inspiring his students to love music and to be confident in their own abilities. His commitment to his craft and his passion for music motivate his students to surpass their potential as they tackle a new skill. My son plays guitar and piano, but he was interested in learning to play the drums. In a few short lessons, Blake managed to show him the basics and give him enthusiasm for a whole other aspect of music he hadn’t previously been exposed to.” -Amy Adelson

“Consider yourself extremely lucky if you can get lessons with Blake Paulson. There isn’t any aspect of drumming he can’t teach you, and he has REAL life experience in all of it. You don’t just get lessons on stuff to play, he’ll teach anything and everything from hand and foot technique to recording drums, playing and recording with other musicians, playing in all styles of music, millions of different way to approach your practice, or whatever else you can think of to work on, and if you can’t think of anything he’ll pinpoint what you really need to work on and he’ll take it from there. Exactly what you would want from a teacher. He has also written many of his own method books for learning and practicing which by themselves are great tools to advance your playing, but you can actually get lessons from the author himself. There isn’t a better way to get the most out of the material! Plus (if that wasn’t already enough) he has a real professional rehearsal studio to have the lessons where you play on REAL equipment and get to record on state-of-the-art recording equipment that would be used in REAL professional recording scenarios. Blake’s got all the tools you need to succeed plus years of experience as a teacher and successful professional musician, couldn’t ask for a better teacher! Thanks for teaching Blake!” -Peter Bergin

“There are many great drummers. There are many great teachers. However, it is harder to locate a great drum teacher. Blake Paulson is that individual. Blake’s methodical approach to instruction, his warm and accepting demeanor, his clean and organized studio (with great parking) is unparalleled. I would highly encourage prospective drum students to contact Blake. Additionally, Blake has authored numerous books on drumming that round out his instruction with critical at home practice exercises. Your search is over, contact Blake Paulson.” -Scott Levenberg

“Blake is a teacher who will take you out of your comfort zone and show you what you are really capable of, when it comes to taking your drumming skills to the next level,, this guy really know his profession” -Steve Glaza

“My son Max has been taking drum lessons from Blake for almost a year. He hit the ground running from day one, teaching the basics including reading music which I believe every musician should know. Blake’s methods and personality have made drum lessons enjoyable and Max looks forwarded to his weekly sessions. I would absolutely recommend Blake to anyone interested in learning to play the drums.” -Bryan Berber (student father)

“Blake had a very professional studio that lent itself well to the student and teaching environment…he left me with some challenging lessons and worksheets that I look forward to working through…I will be seeing Blake again” -Michael K.

“Blake is not only an extremely talented drum player, he is also very knowledgeable of the contemporary music industry! He’s always quick to help and support his students in any way he can. He is an incredibly kind, patient, fun, and encouraging teacher!! Every lesson is a pleasure with him and I highly recommend learning from Blake :)” -Sophia W.

“Blake is a fantastic educator. He has a well developed curriculum that will help improve drummers of all levels. From technique to creativity Blake drills down into the details to get you where you want to be. In our lessons we study from 3 books that he has written and others that he has studied from himself. I also regularly receive supplemental material he has been developing between lessons to learn from. In addition to this he gigs regularly in LA, giving students the opportunity to see the concepts covered in lessons in practice. He’s a very friendly guy who never embarrasses or puts unnecessary pressure on students. Having studied with countless other teachers I highly recommend taking private lessons with Blake. He’s hands down one of the best drummers I’ve had the privilege of playing this instrument with.” -Michael G.

“Great teacher, great material, super cool lesson studio! this guy is the real deal” -Marcus C.

“You hit the ground running with Blake. He crafts the lessons excellently so that you’re constantly learning new things and building off of what you’ve already learned, mixing in little tips and tricks and keeping an eye on your form the whole time. His game plan gets you playing right away; I’ve never once been bored or felt stuck doing “beginner stuff”. He’s such a pro– he is obviously very talented at adjusting to different skill levels. He has so much experience in the music world that I know I can count on his guidance in whatever direction it takes me. Also, for any other adult beginners who find it frustrating to not have all the time in the world to dedicate to a new hobby, Blake is super encouraging and always finds a way to keep you moving forward regardless of whether you’ve had time to practice. It’s easygoing enough if you wanted to make it just a hobby, but he’s also ready to take it seriously with you and whip you into shape for your goals if that’s what you’re looking for. I thought starting drumming as an adult was a total pipedream but Blake is making it happen! Highly recommend.” -Maxi G.

“Blake is an amazing musician and an exceptional drum instructor. I’ve been taking lessons with him for a few months, and I’m inspired by his knowledge and passion for drumming. He has a very effective approach to methods of teaching, and he keeps me challenged while helping me to move forward quickly. I was impressed with his awesome studio in N. Hollywood. It’s clean, organized, and the the most practical setting for learning. He’s also given me advice on selecting drum equipment, drum tuning, how to approach practicing, and overcoming obstacles. Blake is positive, patient, encouraging, and makes learning the drums extremely enjoyable! I look forward to my lessons each week, and I would highly recommend Blake for drum instruction!” -Diane M.

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Ranked “5 out of 5 Stars” -Mark F.

Ranked “5 out of 5 Stars” -Abby P.

Ranked “5 out of 5 Stars” -Nikki J.

Ranked “5 out of 5 Stars” -Trice B.