Music Creation

Musical Collaborations

Blake can help you create great music via rehearsals, shows, showcases, recording sessions, tours, TV dates, photo/video shoots, premixing drums, full mixing songs, co-writing/producing songs, and music directing your band… all with the highest quality, integrity, and fun.

Unleashed Drum Studio

Blake built and operates Unleashed Drum Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Unleashed Drum Studio offers World-class Online/Remote Drumset Recording; In Person Los Angeles Drum Recording; Song Production & Mixing; Drum Student Recording; and Private Drumset Lessons.

LA Session Group

Blake co-founded and co-manages the LA Session Group. The LA Session Group is a pro-arts organization. Their mission is to help music creators connect with the most talented, pre-screened, session musicians & hit songwriters in Los Angeles, California, and remotely around the world. They are committed to creating great music and working in a fair and reliable manner.

Artist Reviews

“…a truly professional drummer that delivers an energetic and captivating live performance!” Drew Lawrence – Multi-Platinum Songwriter: Christina Perri, Kelly Clarkson, Katherine McPhee, Backstreet Boys

“I have been working with Blake for over five years. Our church has a bigger impact on the world because of his talent and hard work.” Kirk Miller – Southwest Community Church

“Blake is easily the best drummer I have had the pleasure of working with. Be it in the studio or on the stage he is always spot on. Whether you are talking about time, style, technique or feel, Blake is second to none.” Rob Anderson – Interscope Records

“Blake is an awesome drummer. He’s great with nuance and knows exactly what each song needs to take it to the next level. He’s a wonderful live performer who adds an amazing energy to the band. In a word, Blake Rocks!” Christia Mantzke – Singer/Songwriter

“Blake is a solid drummer who plays for the song and who can quickly adapt stylistically to anything. Usually on the first take!” Brian Simpson – Singer/Songwriter

“Blake is the most professional, talented, solid drummer I have ever worked with. He never fails to come through with the perfect part for the song, no matter what genre it is.” Carrie Turner – Singer/Songwriter

“Blake is the most conscientious, organized and hard working drummer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His skill and true mastery form an insurmountable foundation that any singer would find thrilling. Not to mention that his timing is perfect… Blake kicks major ass!!!” Mandi Perkins – Singer/Songwriter

“I’ve been working with Blake for more than five years. His professionalism and work ethic is consistently amazing, and his drumming has always been top notch. I’ve never worked with another musician who is always so concerned with making the music as good as it can possibly be. I look forward to many more years working with Blake.” Glen Preece – Singer/Songwriter

“Blake is the utmost professional. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He’s always well prepared, very dedicated, and one of the most technically proficient drummers I’ve ever met.” Darren Frank – The Village Recording Studios